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I’ve got specs appeal…

Eye Contact is way more Intimate than words can ever be!



Well I’m a huge specs lover and I always stay updated by the most contemporary styles of specs every few months later, there are many shapes in specs; like Rimless Frames,  Semi Rimless Frames, Tortoiseshell Frames, Circular Frames, Jeweled Frames, Narrow Rectangle Frames, Octagonal Frames, Horn-Rimmed Frames But the Cat Eyes Frames is the most flashy and vintage styled glasses for women in nowadays !


Every-time, I reckon a new shape in specs i get excited to get it as soon as possible; few months back i gotta introduced by the very new and flossy Cat Eye styled glasses.

Cat Eye Style—


The cat eye style is the most famous style of designer eye frames. This style has been interpreted specifically for younger generation, with streamlined shapes and patterns. Commonly girls are seen wearing cat style designer eye frames. The beauty of cat eye style is that it enhances the femininity and gives a modish look in a girl. It is a must have item of every fashionable girl collection.





Add up that chic look in your personality…!

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