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After the success of Karachi Se Lahore, Wajahat Rauf is all set for the sequel, Karachi Se Lahore 2 written by Yasir Hussain.

According to our sources the story revolves around Moti Khan (Yasir Hussain) and his interaction with a female rock star during his journey to the Northern Areas. Yasir’s character was very much appreciated by the fans in Karachi Se Lahore. They are still looking for female debut for the sequel.


The cast includes Yasir Hussain, Mantaha Maqsood, Ahmed Ali and Aashir Wajahat in a guest appearance, while Shehzad Sheikh and Ayesha Omar are not part of the sequal. TheThe film will be directed by Wajahat Rauf and the script is written by Yasir Hussain. Music will be produced by Shiraz Uppal and Noori. Wajahat Rauf revealed that there might be more item songs.

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