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20mins extra sleep

Ladies, sleep a little extra for your good health

In this fast paced world, men and women are considered equal but when it comes to health, women clearly have edge over men. A scientific study shows that women need 20 minutes of more sleep than men.

The reason for such leverage for women is the larger complexity of the female brain. Women’s brain works harder and more regions are being used simultaneously. It is a known fact that if a person is active, for them, rest is mandatory.

The female brain collects information five times faster than the male brain.I am not being against men here at all, but, they find it difficult to concentrate on more than one task but on the other hand, Women are considered best for multitasking so extra minutes of rest is important for them.

Well, it’s a sigh of relief for all the women who are giving their best to to this world. Sleep it off ladies, you deserve those special 20 minutes of sleep to run the world.

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