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If you love nature, you love this Succulent Nail trend

Recently, a trend took over the internet of wearing a small pot plant as a pendant, which was quite an unusual trend. Now, we have succulent nail trend, yayyy nature! Australian artist Roz Borg made is possible for tiny plans to survive while hanging out near your cuticles. It is indeed bizarre but fun to try out this Halloween, maybe?

In one of her interview, she mentioned that she uses succulents to create these gorgeous terraniums and jewellery, and that is where she got the idea of creating real, living nail art.

These environment friendly nails are created by glueing baby succulents to an acrylic nail using Oasis floral adhesive, then attaching the nail to the real n ail after it dries. It is indeed super create and unique nail trend, which you would never find at any nail salon. It is a must doing nails this season, at least once.

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