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Why Did This Man Trespassed Amitabh’s House?

It’s almost an everyday thing in India to witness mobs of people standing outside the houses of their favourite stars just to see a glimpse of them. Recently, an incident occurred which you could say was quiet weird but certainly showed the loyalty and devotion of a fan.


Amitabh Bachan, who is actually considered and praised as a God comes out on weekends to greet his fans. While he was out on Sunday greeting his fans, a man sneaked inside his house later caught by the police. According to him his name was Bullet Banwarilal Yadad, a resident of Pune trespassed only because he wanted to dedicate a Bhojpuri song to his favourite star.

Well, this is actually cute but totally wrong to put life in danger this way. I hope he somehow managed to dedicate a song after getting caught.

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