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This Must Have Costed Her A Fortune!


I have seen people obsessing over their favourite celebrities and idols but obsessing over the royals is something new in this era. This is an undeniable fact that Diana, Princess of Wales had the best dressing style and so does Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge who is keeping that elegant legacy alive.

Most of the girls in today’s generation would consider her dressing style boring but there are few who know the meaning of looking elegant and classy. 21-year-old Amanda Bell, an LA resident, who works in customer service is crazily obsessed with Kate Middleton’s sense of style. This girl here has spend over $3,000 in the past four years copying Kate’s wardrobe. Oh and cherry on top she does resemble her and has the same kinda hair. Damn this girl really admires her!

According to Amanda, she loves recreating Kate’s look. Her style has always been similar to hers so it just seems all natural to her.  She stays on top of the wait lists to snap up popular items that sell out quickly but then she’s not always successful.

Let’s see some of the looks that she has recreated.

gallery-1465842173-kate-middleton-amanda-bell-issa-dress gallery-1465842974-kate-middleton-amanda-bell-zara-dress

                ISSA PHYLIS ROYAL BLUE WRAP DRESS                                         ZARA BLUE PLEATED DRESS

gallery-1465843139-kate-middleton-amanda-bell-hobbs-dress gallery-1465843326-kate-middleton-amanda-bell-jenny-packham-dress



                                                                                  ANITA DONGRE PATTERNED DRESS

Woah! She actually nailed it. Since Kate Middleton’s first public appearance after engagement till date, Amanda has been successful to recreate these magnificent looks. Good job Amanda, hope you get to meet her one day too, which I am sure is on top of your wishlist.

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