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Pink: Helping Men understanding the meaning of no

Pink: Helping The Men Understand The Meaning Of No

Pink reflects the ugly colors of sexual violence and moral policing against women in its own hard-hitting manner. The film revolves around three independent women who share a flat in Delhi, the spoil nephew of a politician, along with his friends seeks some ‘enjoyment’ in the three girls and ends up wounded as Meenal hits him in a course of self-defence.

Exhausted with all the slut-shaming, the women are on a verge to give up. That is when appears Amitabh Bachchan, a mysterious neighbor; a former lawyer who again puts on the black coat to fight for the girls. Will justice ever prevail? The journey till the end is brutally honest, and an eye opener for all of us.

Block the date and go watch ‘PINK’. You will thank us later!


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