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Ranbir Kapoor urges both countries to be gentle with each other

Ranbir Kapoor urges both countries to be gentle with each other

After Salman Khan and Karan Johar who stood up for Pakistani artists, now comes Ranbir Kapoor who urged people of both the states to be kind to one other.

He said, “I don’t want to sound preachy and like a ‘healer talker’ but we are living in some hard times right now. I hope that you guys don’t get swept away with the bitterness and negativity, the violence that’s happening around the world and around us.”

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Ae Dil Hai Mushkil, which is Ranbir’s next, seems to be in trouble after MNS demanded a ban on Pakistani artists in Bollywood after the Uri terror attack.

While talking about the people of both the countries, the actor stated, “I want you guys to stay sweet, gentle, amazing and beautiful. Because even though the world may think that it’s a shitty place to live in, it is beautiful. You guys are the force. And the force is going to be with you, forever.”

The actor further asked the fans to hug each other as a sign to spread love and solidarity.

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