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Reasons for why your eye twitches every now and then

Myth says, if your eye twitches, bad thing will happen to you. But, the myth doesn’t say that bad could happen medically. Well, eye twitching is a serious annoying thing which can occur any moment. Have you ever given a thought before?Eye twitches are a spasm caused by a nerve in the eye muscle that is under stress.  Humans are under stress all the time, have you tried figuring out the actual reason for the twitching? Well, here are some reasons that could fit in your condition.

Too Much Caffeine Intake
If your eye twitches more often, then it could be because of your coffee habit. Caffeine hikes up your heart rate and metabolism, getting your muscles to work up. If you are more concern about the twitch, try cutting down some caffeine for a while.

Too Much Stress
Keep yourself de stressed as too much stress makes your eye twitch. Try figuring out what is causing all that stress and keep calm.

Any Kind Of Allergies
Allergies releases histamine in your system, which cause your body to react in certain ways. Eye twitching is a common reaction.

Not Getting Enough Sleep
If you are not getting enough sleep your eyelids might twitch. Eyelids are the most sensitive muscles on your body. Try sleeping for almost 8 hours to avoid the twitch.

Need New Glasses
Most probably, due to excessive reading or working on the computer your eyesight is weakening. Get your eyes checked if it is constantly twitching.

You Might Have A Tumour
This is an uncommon reason but something one shouldn’t ignore if the twitching is constant and making you uneasy. Consult your doctor to eliminate the potential causes.

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