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Reham Khan burst her in to tears, is it a stunt for gaining more publicity?

  1. Reham Khan was invited by shaista lodhi in her show. She sung a song, that was a sad song basically called ghazal to express herself. She sung “ISHQ MAIN GHAIRAT JAZBAAT NE RONE NA DIYA” moreover she added that people ask her how is she so strong she never cried & the answer to that was people who want to work to make something out of their lives do not have time to cry. Shaista also burst in to tears while she already had divorced twice & married  thrice . So reham jee, crying is a natural thing related to human & you must be very strong that you never cried on your 2nd divorce nor when you were accused to have a fake journalism degree, which you later defended yourself by saying that you never said that. So people might get you more wrong. 

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