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Saif Ali Khan's message for Pakistan will shock you for sure
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Saif Ali Khan’s message for Pakistan will shock you for sure

With the on and off statements from both countries, it doesn’t seem as though the debate on banning Pakistani celebrities in India will ever end. As Pakistan has begun screening Bollywood movies in cinemas once again, Bollywood seems to still have put an everlasting ban on our stars. But, Saif Ali Khan had something to say and upon hearing it you will definitely be shocked!

Speaking to an Indian media correspondent, the Bollywood Nawab opens up about India’s hatred of Pakistan.

“We probably don’t like to admit there is a stronger neighbour around the corner. We think we can easily bash up Pakistan, apart from the nuclear missiles that are pointed towards us,” he said.

It was just last year when Saif was highly criticized and bashed for his aggressive statements towards Pakistan. However, this time around, he looks quite diplomatic.

“Make up your mind; make it a law if you want to,” he said.

While talking about Fawad Khan, the Nawab said that there was an extra ‘sense of exotic’ to Pakistani actors as they were from another country.

“Also, there is a sense of exotic to them because they are from the forbidden land, like Fawad Khan. If they were from India, that would remove that extra glamour from them,” said the Phantom actor.

“On one hand you are playing nice, casting each other in movies and playing cricket, and on the other hand, they cut five people’s heads — who are ‘they’ though, I don’t know,” he added.

It seems as though the Nawab is only trying to play the safe game, making sure to keep himself out of trouble.

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