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Shamoon Abbasi is back with a bang!

Social media platform has taken the entire world’s attention. Around the world everyone is 24/7 active on social media, be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.


That’s exactly when Shamoon Abbasi came up with this exceptional idea of launching short films especially focusing on social media. A well-known TV actor and filmmaker Shamoon Abbasi has launched short film series especially for social media audience. “These films are especially made for social media and not for any TV channels, media companies or cinema distribution companies,” he said.

The series is based on true events highlighting the issues that occur in our society and these series are made exclusively for social media awareness. Shamoon Abbasi decided to use this powerful medium to spread the message that Pakistan is a vibrant and peace loving country.


Only filmmakers like him have the keen observation of using such platforms to spread as much awareness as possible. Shamoon Abbasi proved to be among those filmmakers who want to show the positive side of our country.

Team FHM Pakistan would like to appreciate your efforts towards bringing awareness and we wish you best of luck for your future projects. We are proud of you!

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