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Signs That Prove He’ll Never Become Your Boyfriend!

When we like someone more than a friend we expect them to like us as well. Normally girls are very sensitive when it comes to relationships. So let me tell you if you like someone and that person said that he likes you as well, i warn you that before you expect something, check out the signs given below. These are the signs that prove he’ll NEVER become your boyfriend!

  1. Things are complicated with his ex or current girlfriend. And they’ve been that way for months.
  2. He only texts you at night, when he’s alone, or after you initiate the conversation.
  3. Whenever you bring up a serious issue, he immediately changes the topic.
  4. He never uploads pictures of the two of you together. He never even takes pictures of the two of you together.
  5. He posts Snapchat pictures with other girls that he’s never mentioned to you before.
  6. He’s given you compliments that have made you blush, but then you realize he’s given the same compliments to another woman.
  7. He only flirts with you when you’re one-on-one. If other people are around, he’ll treat you completely differently.
  8.  You catch him flirting with other women, even when he knows you’re around to overhear him.
  9. He makes plans with you, but then cancels at the last second with zero explanation.
  10. He still won’t make things official, even though he knows you’re an amazing woman who only deserves the best.

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