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Signs why being single is perfectly FINE!!

Being happy is a state of mind. It should not be related to one being single or committed. All our life we have been taught to believe that “Happily Ever After” only happens in one’s life when they take the big step of deciding to spend the rest of their days with a special one. There is nothing wrong in believing that happiness will only come to you when you meet that “Special Person” is then living your whole life in denial and not celebrating who you are as a person. The only thing wrong with being single, is people equating the feeling with being lonely. Here are some signs that will make you believe that being single and happy can most certainly go hand in hand:

Social expectation does not affect your choices.

You enjoy the freedom of being ALONE. You wouldn’t think twice before going out alone for shopping or spending some quality time with yourself.

You are genuinely happy with where you are right now. Because you believe that you will find the right person when the right time comes.

Your weekends are spent doing productive things for your own self. Pampering yourself is on the top of the list.

You aren’t afraid to be alone with your thoughts, because it only makes you super productive and helps you come up with more constructive ideas.

You don’t feel uncomfortable when you go out with other couples.

You don’t have to share your bed with anyone else.

You enjoy handling many tasks and challenges on your own. Because why not?

There’s no point in your life when you think you’re missing out on anything in life.

So be Happy and have FUN!

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