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She slept with snake until she found out the horrifying truth

Pets are considered as family. They are with us every day and provide us with an enormous amount of comfort and love.  A dog may be okay, a cat may be alright to share a bed with, but sleeping with the snake might not be such a good idea.

There is a woman who had a snake as a pet, a python; that was 4 meters long; with whom she had been sleeping every single night. The python usually used to stretch out, all across her body from head to toe. After few days the snake stopped eating. And this lack of appetite continued over a few weeks, the woman felt desperate and took the python to the veterinarian.

She slept with her snake everyday until she found out the horrifying truth

When asked about the routine questions and the unique sleeping situation the two of them have; the veterinarian told, the reason python had stopped eating, was basically because it was preparing its stomach for a big meal.

Little did she know that her beloved and loving pet, was actually stalking her, preparing for the kill.

The moral of the story is everyone who you love is not your friend. It hints that some animal cares primarily about their own profit or pleasure and lacks consideration for humans; that is why we call them ‘wild’ animals. So with that understanding, even though you love pets more than anything, choose an animal which truly loves you and cares about you.


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