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Team Ko Salam- Thankyou KFC!!

There are few things that can make any person emotional, one of them is the new KFC advertisement they came up with to celebrate Independence Day by paying tribute to their entire team who has been working extremely hard during the whole pandemic.

The ad is shot beautifully giving a clear message that when the whole world was chaotic and vulnerable, these workers were away from their families, working for us to make our lives easier. The entire staff was hesitant and were equally scared as we were, they had to go through the hassle of lockdown, the whole world had come to a complete halt, in between that, their team made sure, that we were served with the best as always!!


Now is the time for us to repay them, thank you to all the frontline heroes as well as the entire staff of KFC and other restaurants who have been taking care of our needs, we wouldn’t be where we are today, without them. Stay safe, maintain social distancing, wear masks, wash your hands, together we can get through this. We are all in this together.

A lovely initiative by KFC, hats off!

Puri Team ko Salam!



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