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A few weeks ago a leaked video of Ali Azmat surfaced on the internet that took everyone by surprised. In the video he seemed unhappy with young musicians of Pakistan, in particular UmairJaswal. Azmat felt Jaswal’s style of music was not original. This lead to a war of words between both UmairJaswal and Ali Azmat that took the internet by storm. To settle this for once and all, Red Bull invited both musicians to take part in Red Bull Soundclash where the audience decides the winner. Red Bull Soundclash, the unique musical confrontation concept, will put UmairJaswal and Ali Azmat to compete for the affection of the crowd on two opposing stages. After warming up with a couple of tracks, each band sets on an opposing stage to execute a musical conversation that will push the boundaries and have the audience roaring in support gauged by a decibel meter.

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UmairJaswal needs no introduction. In a short span of time UmairJaswal has become a dominant force in the music industry of Pakistan and is a name to reckon with for his unique voice, original style of music and active engagement on social media with his fans. We got in touch with UmairJaswal to find out about his much talked about clash with Ali Azmat that is being termed as the ‘clash of generations’.

Q: What are your expectations from Red Bull Soundclash?
UmairJaswal: We’re looking at one of the biggest rock concerts in decades. It’s going to be loud and obviously expectation are high. Karachi has always been an amazing place to perform. I just hope we get each and every fan in there.

Q. Any message for your fans?
UmairJaswal: Come prepared for some major behind kicking. Memorize your lyrics & let’s make it the loudest night in the history of Pakistani concerts! The first-ever Red Bull Soundclash in Pakistan is scheduled to take place on August 27th at Expo Center, Karachi.

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