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FHM: Tell us about yourself and the journey as a photographer?
JH: I don’t consider myself exactly from Pakistan, as I have lived half of my life abroad. My journey to photography started because of RizwanBeyg and MohsinSayeed who guided me into this field. They did tell me that I needed a lot of improvment and since then I was lucky enough to have them as my mentors who taught me and told me what to do, introducing me to a lot of people of whom most then became my clients.

FHM: What inspired you to choose photography as your profession?
JH: Pure accident! I used to love doing experimental photography. Coming back to Karachi after 10 years and the places I grew up, I wanted to document them. The way I documented them, it got noticed which later got me different shoots.

FHM: How would you describe your work to someone who has never seen it before?
JH: Raw, gritty, un-realistic colours and I try to make it look out of this world.

FHM: From where do you get the inspiration for creative shoots?
JH: Only one person, Tim Walker.

FHM: What do you love to shoot more? Pret or Couture?
JH: Couture, any day. It lets you do anything you want to, it challenges you.

FHM: Are there any specific brands you like to work with?
JH: The brands I would love to work with are RizwanBeyg, Umar Syed, BuntoKazmi. The brands I love to work with and they let me do things my way are Shamael Ansari, The Pink Tree, AyeshaFarooqHashwani.

FHM: Which photography style do you prefer the most?
JH: I like to go with the mood. When I arrive on the set, I like to see it and plan what I can capture. I don’t really do the pre-planning as some of my seniors do.

FHM: Out of all the photo-shoots you have done so far, which one is your most favourite and why?
JH: There are two actually! One I did for The Pink Tree with Fayezah Ansari, which was the opening page for Libas back then and the second shoot I did was a conceptual shoot with AreebaHabib for a young designer.
FHM:Where do you see our fashion industry in 5 years?
JH: Mainly digital! Everything is going digital and I think if they start listening to seniors and ask them for the advice, we can get a lot further but right now there is a confusion in the industry about what we can and can’t do, and get away with.

FHM: How much equipment do you typically carry for a photo-shoot?
JH: It depends on the location. If it’s outdoor for a lawn shoot, a simple reflector would do. But most of the time I like to carry 3 lights, my camera, my two lenses and a lot of water.

FHM: What makes JafferHasan different from other photographers?
JH: The only way to describe myself different from other photographers would be my backstage pictures which is mainly candid.


Rapid Fire

FHM: Favourite Model (Male & Female)?
JH: Omer Shahzad, Fayezah Ansari & Zara Abid.

FHM: Indoor or Outdoor Shoot?
JH: Outdoor

FHM: Favourite Location to Shoot?
JH: Bristol Hotel

FHM: Favourite Perfume?
JH: Amato

FHM: Three things you like about the industry?
JH: Many of my mentors are my uncles and aunties, the gossip and bitching.

FHM: Three things you hate about the industry?
JH: Lack of respect for seniors, lack of acknowledgment of good work and lack of learning.

FHM: Favourite Designer?
JH: RizwanBeyg

FHM: Are you a foodie?
JH: A massive foodie.

FHM: Your fitness mantra?
JH: No matter how tired I am I workout daily.

FHM: One thing you can’t live without?
JH: Cigars

FHM: Colours you love the most?
JH: Purple, Black & Bright Orange.

FHM: Favourite Movie Genre?
JH: Horror

FHM: Do you love pets?
JH: I love pets.

FHM: One good and bad habit?
JH: Bad habit – I am lazy at times, Good habit – I am there for those who need me.

FHM: Favourite Holiday Destination?
JH: Montreal.

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