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Things you should pack but probably won’t

Packing for your trip is too important to put off until the day before you leave because if you’re rushing around, you’re more likely to forget things that will cost a lot of money to replace during your trip.

Yes, your passport and wallet (and probably some clean underwear) deserve to be at the top of your packing list. But in the rush to remember the essentials, travelers sometimes underestimate the power of the nice-to-haves.

We know it feels like a chore, but if you follow our expert packing tips you’ll never have to worry

Make a list
Separate your essentials from your desirables, and be realistic with your luggage limitations.

Copies of Travel Documents
The last thing most people want to do when packing is scan and print or photocopy their passport and other important documents. However, in the unlikely but serious event that your passport or visa is lost or stolen, it’s a big help to have an extra copy on hand.

Save bag space for all your holiday purchases
Whether it’s duty free goods or holiday mementos, it’s inevitable that you’ll be bringing more back home with you than when you left – so make sure you have room for it!

Cosmetics – at a minimum!
Fewer cosmetics also mean that you’ll be less likely to find an explosion of nondescript gooey liquids spoiling everything in your suitcase when you arrive at your destination.

 Don’t leave home without the essentials

This penultimate tip is a big one as, without these necessities, you won’t be heading anywhere but home: check and check again that you have everything you need.

The most necessary things go on top

If you believe that a particular thing can be useful to you very soon put it on top. Very obvious advice, but perhaps it’s so obvious that you’d be bound to forget otherwise!

Last but not the least enjoy your vacation!

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