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Why Kapoor’s are the talk of the town?

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Krishma and Sanjay Kapoor is more of a hot topic these days in B-town. The couple who hosted a grand wedding in 2003 is now on the verge of getting divorce. After a lot of accusations from both the sides finally Randhir Kapoor unleashed on his ex-son-in-law, saying “Sanjay Kapoor Is A Third-Class Person”

According to the sources, Randhir Kapoor was against this marriage from day one. He also said that the accusation on Karishma marrying Sanjay for money is a lie, the reason of getting divorce is due to her in law’s cheap and third-class behaviour. On Karishma being a bad mother, Randhir stated, “Everyone knows Karisma has always been a good mother. Her husband has been living with another woman. I was against this marriage since day one. The matter is sub judice and hence, I can’t comment further. Eventually, the entire truth will come out”.

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