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Yellow Food is the secret to Happiness

Have you ever thought of food bringing happiness? Well, food has been a symbol of happiness since forever, it is just we never thought of it that way. Research shows that, yellow food releases significant levels of happy hormones because we associate the colour yellow with joy.

yellow food

According to the psychologists, positive relationship with colour starts from a young age. Hence, yellow stimulates the left or logic side of the brain and encourages us to perceive a warm and fun spectrum of shades.

“The research revealed that 30 percent more people associate yellow with happiness than the other colours tested and 62 percent of us want to see more yellow in our fridge.”

yellow food yellow food

The studies also showed that, out of 1000 people, 70% of the people answered about food colours and happiness, and liked yellow foods with the cheerful feeling. It certainly includes all the ‘happy food’ like; Banana, omelette, pancakes, poached eggs and et al.

Well, this is indeed an amazing research, leading us to gain happiness through food.

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