10 pieces of relationship advice from people who know the struggle is real

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  1. “Get into a relationship with an ugly man so if he cheats on you or leaves you, at least you won’t feel bad since, you know he was ugly.” 

  2. “Wait for the man is not afraid to love, for who you are and respects you enough to be true to you!”                                                    

  3. “If you overlook mistakes in the name of love, honey you will go blind and he will take you for granted!”

  4. “Keep not only the screenshots but also the bills, just in case…”

  5. “Never underestimate a girl’s ability to find out every other detail about you. They are born with a degree in investigation.”             

  6. “If he gives you the remote during a match, trust me he’s a keeper.” 

  7. “Confrontation is key! Cut out external influences, because people will try to pull you apart.”

  8. “Stay true to your partner’s best friends because their approval is important, or else it will be the end of your relationship.”                 

  9. “Your ignorance, will lead you to a lot of long paragraphs that lead to nothing!” 

  10. “Every relationship goes through conflicts, you either end in a bad note or you learn the ability of forgiving.”