Angelina Jolie making an exclusive appearance in Bol Ramadan transmission?

Angelina Jolie has huge fan following. She has always been in the news, previously she and her husband Brad Pitt were in the news because of their breakup. Recently, she again made waves but this time for a different news.

As per the recent rumors, the news being circulated that Angelina will be showing up in an extremely extraordinary Bol Ramadan transmission!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true!

While it is extremely difficult to trust, that is the most recent hotly debated issue around town. People are pondering exactly how much of this rumor is true or is it just another stunt by the channel to support its appraisals.

And keeping in mind that we are not yet affirmed on the status of this most recent goody, this online networking post may very well make you more inquisitive!

And that’s not all, an alleged “legal contract” is doing rounds on social media, confirming Angelina’s appearance on the channel.

There are still no confirmation from the BOL Channel and their management about this entire news. We are still waiting to get any positive response.

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