Depilex made a 17 year old cancer patient’s last wish come true

In a world where everyday we are reminded of the horrors and atrocities taking place, there are some who serve as a beacon of light amidst the throes of darkness and despair. Depilex has for many years acted as that beacon of light, bringing smiles onto the faces of those in need and consequently bringing tears of joy to ours!

Yet again, Depilex has shown us that where there are those who strive for good, happiness can be found. That happiness has been brought in the shape of granting a 17 year old cancer patient’s last wish. 17 year old Mehvish had her dream come true thanks to Depilex who gave the teen cancer patient her very own beauty makeover!

When she made her way over to the institute, she was given the best services and treatment by Depilex professionals and the results were awe-inspiring;