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Jennifer Lawrence want stars to stop lying about their diets

Hunger games beauty Jennifer Lawrence has always been candid from her bloopers to embarrassing moments. Now she is talking openly about body positivity and how she want the stars to be truthful about their diets, exercise routines and etc. Lawrence want all the opinion leader to step up and talk openly about their eating habits so that more people can understand their diet regimes and efforts to maintain a specific body type.

The 28 year old Instyle Magazine ‘I just like it when everyone’s honest. If you are 20 pounds underweight and talk about eating pizza and fried chicken all the time, that’s not going to make people feel good about themselves.’ She opened up about her self confidence issues when she was young and how she is getting control over her thoughts now.

She also told that she is training herself not to speak her mind all the time as she became her own personal trainer stopping herself from saying thoughts which pop up in her head. She also told how she has to pay more for her canceled workouts than Actual ones (which is kind of us everyday).

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