This Pakistani actor proposes #MeToo for men as well

And after all the noise created since the whole standing up and raising your voice with #MeToo campaign, women have not left a single coin unturned which has not left even the wealthiest and most famous men across the world. On that note, Actor Mustafa Ali Khan has taken a step to start the #MeToo campaign for men. But there’s a whole new twist to this claim.

In fact, Mustafa’s proposed #MeToo won’t be talking about the sexual harassment incidents faced by men, instead he feels men should realize that it’s because of them women across the world feel unsafe.

Recently on a Facebook post, Mustafa wrote, “Every single man is guilty. Guilty of perpetuating this environment where EVERY woman feels unsafe. I too am guilty.”

He coins #MeToo for men as a term that means, ‘I, too, have made women feel unsafe,’ and adds, “I have always been careful in how I treat every woman I interact with. I know I am guilty of, in one way or another, making them feel unsafe. So yeah, #MeToo.”

The Balu Mahi actor states that he is responsible for standing quite or joining the laughter whenever someone has catcalled a woman. He adds, “I am guilty of ogling or staring at women – sometimes long enough to make them uncomfortable. #MeToo.”

Mustafa also explains that saying statements such as “boys will be boys” is part of the problem. He wrote, “I am deeply ashamed of my actions and my inaction. I apologise to every woman who has ever felt uncomfortable or unsafe around me. And I promise, I will try to be a better human being.”

The actor concludes by explaining that this is not a debate about “feminism, sexism, or any other ‘ism’”, but rather about being better human beings.