Pakistani Film Industry going towards Success or Failure?

    There was a time when the Pakistani entertainment industry did not have to wait till occasions like Eid to release the movies, they did not feel the need to convince audience to watch the movies. The story, acting, comedy everything itself used to have the required qualities that would make Pakistani movies a great success. It was a complete different era. Unfortunately, it is no longer the same.

    We saw many movies releasing this Eid with Bollywood movies being banned during that time. Audience did not have any choice but to turn their attention towards the local films. Every release date of the movie is being pushed towards next Eid. There is a list of movies that are set to be released on Eid-ul-Azha and it is no surprise that throughout the year film makers disappear and there is hardly any movie to be seen.

    Pakistani film makers need to practice and improve their craft in order to compete with other international movies. The audience demands change, no one wants to spend so much time and money on movies where they have to force themselves to sit for three hours and watch absolute nonsense. It has been a great year for the film industry, there is no doubt in that but we cannot deny the fact that it has only been possible with zero competition.