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6 mistakes that can ruin thin hair

Thin hair can be difficult to manage. There are a lot of factors that contribute to hair thinning such as medications, diseases, and hormone disturbances and so on. Hair fall is another biggest culprit that makes our hair thin. Along with that stress and poor diet are also on the list.

But here’s a good news. Just make small adjustments to your everyday habits and protect your hair from being damaged. Below are some suggestions to the mistakes that most of us do with thin hair.

  • Oiling your hair too much

Oiling your hair twice or thrice a week is essential. However, using oil too much can actually clog your pores. Oil is typically too heavy that flattens the hair strands and cause them to stick to the scalp. If you want healthy hair, avoid using too much oil and try taking a deep conditioning treatment.

  • Excessive dyeing

Colouring your hair too often costs a lot. Sometimes, your hair requires bleaching that destroys them to the utmost, weakening their roots and making them dull and rough. Therefore, it is vital to take great care if you opt for dyeing. To avoid stressed hair, give a gap of atleast 4-6 weeks in dyeing your hair, use alcohol-free styling products, and go for shampoo and conditioner made for colour treated hair.

  • Avoiding conditioners

Some of us avoid using conditioners for the fear of losing hair. But remember the fact that just like our face, our scalp also needs moisture. And conditioners keep your hair soft and silky. They also prevent hair fall. Those with thin hair must use volumnizing conditioners as they work with thin hair to get the ultimate amount of body out of each hair strand.

  • Missing haircuts

Not getting haircuts for long will not help you achieve volume. Instead, you must visit salons on a regular basis to get your hair done. It is also advised to those having thin hair. Haircuts strengthen your hair, prevent split-ends and the crisp ends give the hair a fuller look.

  • Tying hair when they are wet

Many girls are in a habit of tying wet hair. And it’s something they should absolutely stop! Thin hair already have a hair fall issue, and when you tie up wet hair using rubber bands, the thin strands get serious damage. When the hair are wet, they overstretch and tying them up add more stress on them that result in breakage.

  • Ironing

No doubt that ironing makes your hair smooth and beautiful, but providing too much heat can actually weaken them. So try to avoid it. But if you’re using it then take the straightener with heat control option and those that contain silicon plates which help the iron glide along with the hair without tugging.


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