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Acne myths you need to stop believing

When it comes to acne, we all know about many facts and suggestions come through us.

But not many facts and suggestions are true and trusted, infact  many of them are just myths.

So we did some research and according to many Dermatologist many of the facts are absolute myths, that no one needs to follow.

#1 Your skin is dirty that why you are having acne: This one is absolute rubbish and false. Dirty skin is not the main reasons for having acne.

The truth is that having acne doesn’t mean your skin is dirty, on the inside or out. While there’s a tendency to think that acne is the result of not washing your face or sheets enough or eating too much oily food.

The truth really is that it has to do with hormones and genetics. When your hormones are raging, as they usually are in your teenager years, your skin produces more oil. So naturally, you’re going to break out.

#2 Washing Your Face More Prevents Breakouts: First they say dirty skin is the reason, second that you wash your face too much. You can see yourself that both these statements doesn’t make any sense.

But according to dermatologist, its true. Yes excessive washing can cause damage to you skin and cause acne. Because you are putting chemical based products on your face which can cause more irritation and damage than you think.

#3 You Can Prevent Pimples by Extracting Blackheads: First and foremost the most important thing, stop pulling and putting instruments onto your skin for blackheads removal. You can achieve it my doing it natural way or use products for it.

But blackheads are not he core cause of acne so, in some cases it can be but mostly not.

#4 Shrink your pores: This is absolutely baseless, first you can not shrink your pores or make then small in size. Second it has nothing to do with acne.

There’s so many companies out there or lasers that like to say they can shrink your pores, and that’s simply not true.

The best things you can do is, stop messing around with your pores, the more you mess the more it cause acne and if you leave it in its natural state your skin will be back to normal.


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