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Awesome eyebrow products everyone should try

Everyone now dreams of having Instagram worthy brows, yes its a things, just like weird beauty trends having brows with Insta perfect edge and sassy-ness is now what ladies want.

We spent hours in front of mirrors plucking on our own eyebrows and sitting in the chairs of experts who thread, wax, and tint our arches, too. Some of us can’t leave the house without filling in our brows. We’ve tested basically every brow product on the market, so allow us to share the knowledge gained from all our research. We have found our favourite products for filling in, thickening up, and holding our brows in place and those Insta picture perfect brows. Powders, gels, pens, and pencils are all accounted for.

So get ready to find your new favourite eyebrow products:


Glossier Boy Brow:

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