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Common makeup mistakes that you must avoid
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Common makeup mistakes that you must avoid

By: Kainaat Maqbool

No matter how careful you ought to be, or how expert you are – there are times when you simply can’t get hold of the perfect makeup. It is a must that you will be committing makeup blunders, every once in a while. So, for your convenience, here are some common makeup mistakes that you must avoid:

Using Expired Makeup:

expired makeup

This is the biggest mistake in the gospel of makeup. No matter how new you makeup is or how branded that cosmetic kit is, if it is expired there is no use in keeping it. Nothing is important than your well-being, so simply throw that kit away if it has already expired.

Applying Makeup In The Wrong Lighting:

wrong lighting

Doing makeup in an unnatural light with unsuitable balance can completely ruin your look. You may end up putting extra bronzer or insufficient foundation. Thus, go for the natural yet subtle light.

Over Dark Eyebrows:

dark eyebrows

Eyebrows are one thing that catches people’s attention. Overloading them with colour can make them fake and extra daunting. In order to enhance your look keep them light and delicate.

Inappropriate Makeup Blending:

wrongly blended makeup

Whether it is bronzer, foundation, highlighter or high shadow; you have to apply them on the pitch perfect amount they suit you. Overdoing them even a bit can lead to a completely unnatural and unstable look.

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