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DIY body and facial Scrubs that treat your skin better

Making scrubs according to your preferences and choice is easy and quick to make at home. The most positive part of a DIY scrub is that you can choose ingredients according to what your skin suits for the best from essential oils, scents, and other kitchen products.

Making scrubs at home gives a satisfying feeling and according to experience, it does wonders to the skin too. Also, a lot of homemade scrubs have been seen coming in the skincare markets and are loved by the masses. The important factor that a scrub must fulfill is exfoliation, whitening, and cleansing of the skin pores. For introducing a budget-friendly technique here are some ways of how you can make yours yourself too!

  1. Rose and Almond Herbal Scrub

The ingredients for this are very easily accessible from your home only. For this you will be needing sugar, almond oil rose water or dried crushed rose petals and any essential oil of your preference like Argan oil, lavender, etc.  The oils will nourish the skin and not clog the pores, whereas the sugar or salt will better exfoliate and cleanse the skin mixed with almond oil. For a natural glow, this remedy is a suitable one. You are required to mix all the components in a container until the mixture adjusts finely.

  1. Oatmeal Facial Scrub.

Oats have a very quick and surprising effect on the skin. This, I believe is the most reliable scrub recipe for me as it really worked for tan removal. All that is required for this include a cup of oatmeal, honey, milk to settle the scrub and a tablespoon of gram flour. These ingredients are mixed well until it gives a thickening effect. Oatmeal and honey are very effective for sensitive skin as oatmeal is gentle when applied and has no inflammatory effects. I tested this on my skin twice a week and I could surely say that it really whitened my skin to its natural tone and evenly exfoliated it too.

  1. Seas Salt and Citrus Scrub

Sea salt mixed with your preferable extract of citrus fruit like lemon, orange, etc deeply cleanses the skin and freshen it up. The ingredients needed for this are sea salt mixed with sugar, lemon or orange extract, crushed mint, and coconut oil. These, when evenly mixed together, turn out in a naturally scented scrub that tones the skin and keeps it refreshing.

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