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Easy hacks to make your eyelashes look curly and long

These hacks are all you need to know if you love your lashes curlier and longer. Follow the tricks below for thicker looking lashes without breaking them.

Apply castor oil if you want to grow lashes and you feel the need for it. Castor oil really helps to grow them.

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Prime your lashes before applying mascara or curling them.

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Add more coats neatly once the first layer of mascara that was already coated is dried off and do not curl them after applying mascara.

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Wet your eyelashes before applying mascara. Wetting them separates the lashes and it gives a natural effect.

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If you really want your lashes to look bigger, apply powder to the lashes and then use mascara over it. This also makes them look really dramatic ad long.

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Before applying mascara freshly, make sure you remove everything from the lashes using a makeup remover so that when you apply the fresh coats it does not chunk the product upon the lashes. This gives a major makeup fail result.

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Use a good and a long-lasting mascara and invest in something that is waterproof too.

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