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How to grow long, strong nails

Maintaining long and strong nails is not a very easy process. As long as you take good care of your nails, you can grow them to the length you desire. You need to start by making sure you stop bad nail habits. After that, taking appropriate vitamins and manicuring properly will help you grow long, strong nails.

Stop biting your nails: Biting your nails is detrimental to your health. Although a regular nervous habit for many, it can cause bacterial skin infections on your hands and in your mouth.

Stop wearing acrylics and gels: Rushed removal of acrylic or gel nails leaves your nails dry, brittle, and unlikely to grow. Even proper removal can damage your nails because it occurs with soaked nail-beds. When your nail beds are wet, they are most sensitive.

 Stop picking at your chipped polish: Picking at your polish often removes the top layer of your nail bed. This forms a weak base for your nails

Stop skipping base coats and top coats: It is easy to skip base coats or top coats when you’re in a hurry and want your polish to dry fast. However, when you skip these, you’re damaging your nail. They protect your nails from staining; plus, they help the polish adhere to your nails, so that it chips less. If it chips less, you’re less likely to pick at it and further damage your nails.

Stop using your nails as tools: Peeling labels, scrapping glue, or unfastening a key ring are all things that can easily damage or break your nails. You might not even realize you’re doing it, but if you want to grow strong nails, you need to start to notice.

 Getting Proper Vitamins: Get plenty of Vitamin H (biotin). Biotin promotes the growth and strength of nails, hair, and skin

Eat foods with folic acid: folic acid, or Vitamin B9, helps prevent damage to your nerve cells and keeps red blood cells healthy. Image titled Grow Long, Strong Nails.

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