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Make up trends that you definitely you need to work on
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Make up trends that you definitely need to work on

The most important message we took away from Spring 2017 was that of personality. It’s no longer about strictly adhering to a fixed set of trends, it’s about playing with what you’ve got.

Line and smudge

Using a slanted eyeliner brush, apply black eye shadow in short strokes from the middle of your top lash line to the outer corner. This gives your eyes drama without all the effort.

Don’t neglect your brows.

It’s important to groom your eyebrows so that you look polished. It completes the look. Start by plucking any obvious strays and brushing your arches upward. Then sweep on a neutral blush and lip to put the focus on your eyes.

Pick your palette

Choose two contrasting colors to work with or go for a monochromatic look with two shades from the same color family.

Get your sparkle on
Take a small shadow brush and press shimmery powder all over your lids and into the inner corners of your eyes and wait for the magic.

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