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What is Fast fashion?

A lot of us love a bargain outfit – we buy fast, we buy cheap and we too often wear things once and then throw them out.

The phrase “fast fashion” has become a buzz phrase recently, but what does it really mean? In order to move past fast fashion and into a more sustainable industry, we all have to be on the same page about what exactly we’re pushing against.

Most of the companies that fall under the fast fashion category are currently replicating streetwear and fashion week trends as they appear in real time. This means the lead time can often be less than a couple of weeks. By creating new, desirable styles weekly, these brands are able to create massive amounts of clothing and make sure that the customer never tires of their store’s inventory.

Many people debated what came first—the desire for fresh looks at an alarming rate or the industry’s top players convincing us that we are behind trends as soon as we see them being worn. It’s hard to say, but there is no doubt there is a thirst for the “next best thing” every day of our consumer-driven lives.

Here’s what sustainable fashion experts say we can we do to reduce the harmful effects of our shopping habits.

  1. Buying less is more
  2. Buy second hand
  3. Choose natural materials
  4. Do your research

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