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Drama serial Ishqiya could have been better!

Ishqiya has been trending and ranked as number 01 on almost every platform. It was a hit drama that was youth’s favourite and along with me, everyone kept track of its episodes and followed it throughout.

It was an extremely amusing and emotional drama starring Hania Amir, Feroz Khan, Ramsha Khan, Gohar Rasheed and many other famous celebrities.

However, Ramsha as Hamna played a role of not just a daughter, wife, girlfriend, best friend and sister but also someone who married an unknown person (Gohar Rasheed) on her dad’s request even though she was in a relationship with Hamza (Feroz) for over 2 years and yet did not take a stand for it even once. Many of us are extremely unhappy with the ending because it shed a negative light on Hamza towards the end. This got him into an emotional state since he was lonely, affecting his mental health. However, Hamna got a happy ending and fell in love with her husband. Do you think that is fair?

Did Hamna do justice by not taking a stand for someone she’s been promising for over years? Shouldn’t she marry Hamza or at least try to talk to her dad once? No offence, she was scared and worried about her dad’s health but was this relation a joke to her?

Ishqiya’s ending might be justified if you view it through Hamza’s point of view as he got a negative role and started doing acts to get attention and hurt people, maybe that makes it fair for him to get a loner ending but according to me and a couple of people following this drama since months think that the ending should be equalised and if Hamza got a bad ending upon himself so should have Hamna. She might be innocent, but they both played equal part in betraying each other and they both deserved anything but not a happy ending as Rumi who was Hania Amir got ruined completely and nobody even thought about her once, what was her mistake? She was unaware of everything, lost her baby, lost her marriage, lost her father, lost all her happiness and I don’t think anything and anyone can justify that. Can you?

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