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Why shops at Ocean Mall are getting closed?

Ocean Mall used to be one of my favorite places but recently when I visited the Ocean Mall what surprised me was the fact that many shops were closed and I couldn’t understand why? As it used to be a peaceful mall as compared to other malls that we have in Karachi.

What exactly happened to Ocean Mall that all the brands seem to be leaving this place? Is it post corona affect or the inefficiency of the management of Oceam Mall which made all the brands to leave the place and shift to other malls. Even the footfall seemed to be less as compared to the time when I used to visit earlier. Ocean Mall used to be one of the busiest malls with a huge crowd but after Covid the situation just turned 360.

If it was because of Corona then other malls should also be facing the same issue but I guess the problem is with the management. As far as I know the owners are pretty professional it’s the people working under them who are creating issues.

I’m doing my complete research on this and I will be releasing a video in couple of days revealing the reason behind why shops are getting closed at Ocean Mall.

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