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This year’s LSA made us emotional, happy and sad at the same time!

Lux Style Awards have always made us excited, the show flow, glamour, fashion and star studded red carpet can only be witnessed at LSA. This year LSA was a bit controversial when HSY made a statement about the low budget and backed out from the show – though (Vaneeza Ahmed) Vinne was a good choice – at least we can say that after a successful event. After 5 years the show took place in Lahore, with the same scale – the red carpet was very much organized this time and the credit goes to the PR team for managing everything nicely, from the stay to the seating arrangements.

This year LSA used their platform to raise awareness against child abuse and women empowerment. The show started with Mahira Khan’s beautiful performance on Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s poem of Freedom, Bol Kay Lab, which transitioned into a sensational music and dance piece by the world renowned Kathak maestro, Nahid Siddiqui collaborating on empowering women by bringing attention to the vital message of speaking up to protect our children from sexual abuse. Followed by Amna Ilyas and Ahsan Khan on the song Gurus of Peace by AR Rehman and Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, further choreographed by Wahab Shah.

Not to forget the amazing hosts Ahmed Ali Butt and Wasay Chaudhry who uplifted the whole mood by their hilarious jokes. The other hosts were Ali Kazmi, Aamina Sheikh, Sanam Saeed, Ayesha Omer, Mahira Khan and Ahsan Khan. The most amazing moment was to witness current and former Lux beauties Sangeeta, Nisho, Sahiba, Meera, Mahira and Mawra – though we really missed Reema, Neeli and Babra among them.

The event was concluded with a power packed performance #MeinBhi choreographed by Frieha Altaf. The movement was performed by a combination of young and old singers, rappers, rock stars and qawwals who took the stage to emulate exactly what the #MeinBhi movement stands for: togetherness. It was extremely heart-warming and overwhelming to see veterans such as Abu Fareed Ayaz and Humeira Channa sing along side Pakistan’s emerging talent, such as Kashmir The Band, Sounds of Kolachi, Lyari Underground, Abid Brohi, the Viccaji sisters, Natasha Baig, Aima Baigi, Mussarrat Misbah along with her many acid burn survivors, Mukhtara Mai, Ansar Burney with his work, Maheen Khan, Zurein Imam and many others, who through the power of music, came together to voice their support for the Mein Bhi movement and recreated Shehzad Roy’s song ‘Kya Darta Hai’.

This year LSA created a history and stood for human rights, proving that action speaks louder than words. KUDOS!

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