‘FEMPROW’ conducts 2-days workshop under FCLP to promote the idea of inclusivity in workplaces and businesses!


The integrated 2 day workshop session was focused towards training women run, home based businesses conducted by FEMPROW and Nadia Patel Gangjee supported by Facebook Community Leadership Program, with inspirational trainers and industry experts Adeeqa Nazir and Salman Yahya.


The two-day session Included consultation on content building, content marketing and Facebook Ad Tools, to bring these small businesses a notch up and give competitors a run for their money with the techniques taught at the workshop. The participants learnt to organize content roll-out, media strategy and execution, to equip business plans with right influencer, content and media strategy!

Participants were provided with material to build their social media plans with the help of experts and learned the techniques to execute them. They also received certificates for successfully completing the session.

FEMPROW is an initiative to help advance women’s professional growth and economic empowerment through offline and online entrepreneurship education, support and capacity building.

Skill building trainings and hands-on workshops are regularly organized around the topics of entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, finance and soft skills. It is supported by Facebook Community Leadership Program.


The inspirational and knowledge gaining workshop session included 7 deaf participants who were trained by the help of 2 trainers from Deaf Tawk, more details are here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1686937154938897/permalink/1694178550881424/


blankFCLP – Facebook Community Leadership Program is a global initiative by Fb to bring together 115 community leaders from around the world at Facebook headquarters in Menlo Park, for leadership training, support and financing to further their social cause. The program’s duration is a year and includes multiple on-site and off-site trainings for the global community leaders.

 Promoting the idea of inclusivity in work places and businesses


The training in the event was truly focused to cater businesses under the categories of Food, Home & Living, Health & Hygiene, Fashion & Lifestyle, Events and Planning.

FEMPROW is currently offering following services:

  • Online Trainings – Short bite-sized basic and intermediary do-at-your-own-pace courses customized for women entrepreneurs, focusing on the foundations of entrepreneurship and business.
  • Offline Trainings & Workshops – Skill building trainings and hands-on workshops, around the topics of entrepreneurship, technology, marketing, finance and soft skills.
  • Support Circles – Growing community of women, mentors and experts to network and learn from, through online channels and local networking events, expert-led support circles and fireside chats with accomplished professionals from the industry.
  • Promotions for Women-owned Businesses – Highlighting women entrepreneurs on social media and offering promotional opportunities for their brands, via collaborations with esteemed local and international organizations.


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