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8 Over exaggerated appearances of Muslims in every Bollywood Movie

If you watch movies more often you come across the detailed, weird and be-tuki description and appearance of every Pakistani or Muslim in a Bollywood movie. Kabhi Kabhi to dekh ke yakeen nahi ata ke kia aisa bhi hota hai? Kia hum aise lagtey hain? Nahi nahi ye thora ziada hogaya!

Well, it gets really weird and cringe worthy to see us being represented like this worldwide. Believe me; it sometimes gets funny noticing why everything has turned into an extremely exaggerated stereotype. Well, here’s a description of them is showed in a movie.

  1. The Extremely Molvi


sar pe topi or ankhon mei kajal must hoti hai


  1. The Ghareeb Nibba


This nibba lives in slums and in a jhopri with his Amma Jaan and is the only bread earner. Matlab itni bhi kia ghurbat!


  1. The Khalees Urdu Guy


This guy has no stop to his Hum , Aap and Janabs!


  1. The Agent


The Pakistani agent who falls in love with the opponent. Like whattt?


  1. The Dehshat-gard

Oh so many movies… you name it!


  1. Every other Chor


Every Saleem or waseem bla blaa in an Indian movie


  1. That soon to be married one

Wo  parosan jiska sirf Nikkah ka scene dikhaya jata hai.


 8. The Con guys who prefer hiding in burkhas



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