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9 signs that prove that you definitely are a Tea lover

If you feel drowsy in the morning after waking up and you know that you won’t move a bit until or unless you sip a cup of tea which will make your body function, you definitely are a tea lover. Tea has that strong aroma and that satisfying flavor which just enlightens the mood up.

You sometimes feel that your day won’t have a perfect start if you don’t drink that important cup of tea. Believe it or not, this happens with most of the people. Also, no other hot drink would work the same way for you just like how blissfully tea does. Here are some signs that tell you are an actual tea lover.

  • The day turns bad and the mornings even worse if you don’t drink a simmering warm cup of tea

  • You crave it after every meal. You feel that your lunch isn’t complete if you don’t top it off with a cup of tea or green tea later on

  • You start getting minor headaches.
  • Tea becomes the best mind freshener.

  • Coffee is not your cup of tea. Tea becomes your signature drink where ever you go

  • There is no specific time for tea. You know it, anytime….anywhere.

  • One cup is just not enough

  • You love enjoying pleasant weather with a cup of tea.

  • You know the perfect shade of your tea and you can tell how it would taste.

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