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Ali Gul Pir takes a dig at Ali Zafar in new diss track Karle Jo Karna Hai

Pakistani rapper/singer Ali Gul Pir has just come out with a new track that is, without any doubt (or so we think), aimed at singer/actor Ali Zafar, who has been in the news for more than just his acting and singing in the past year.

In what seems like a clear-cut diss track for Ali Zafar, the song, titled Karle Jo Karna Hai takes digs at him through out its length, and while for some it may be surprising, it doesn’t really come across as one in light of recent events involving the two.

If you haven’t been living under a rock for the past one year, chances are that you’d know about the controversy surrounding Ali Zafar. Following that, a number of people had received notices by the FIA for speaking out about the matter, and in one such case, Ali Gul Pir had been summoned by the FIA for allegedly making disparaging comments about Ali Zafar in connection to his ongoing defamation suit against Meesha Shafi.

Ali Gul Pir found success with his viral hit Waderay Ka Beta back in 2012, and has since then evolved in his music journey, exploring rap through his signature comedic undertones. However, with this one diss track, he seems to be stepping in to a more aggressive form of rap that has been popularized in the region recently thanks to feuds between rap staples in the country like Young Stunners and Lyari Underground.

We are yet to see how this will be dealt with; stay tuned to this space for details. Till then, you can watch the video here:


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