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This artist immortalized Qandeel Baloch through this fantastic piece of wall art

Qandeel Baloch’s murder came as a shock for the entire nation. The social media sensation who entertained every individual with her adaayein was murdered brutally by her brother in the name of honour!

Soon after her death, we saw many documentaries which were made in support of her and keep it as a memory, others decided to dramatize her story and let it reach to as many people as possible.

But there is this anonymous artist who decided to paint her through this fantastic piece of wall art near Pakistan Chowk.


She definitely looks haseen here, the artist made sure to highlight every single detail of her. If you take a closer look at this piece of art you will notice that the hands are reaching out to her. It’s quite an impactful piece of work, made beautifully with the setting in which it’s been drawn.

Soon after the picture was uploaded, many shared and appreciated the effort.


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