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The best designer handbags to invest in right now!

Here, we round up the bags that are really worth pumping your hard-earned, hard-saved money into..

1. Chloe Nile

Expect to pay: Dh6,450

Introduced: Spring/Summer 2017

Who’s it for? The boho fashion lover who doesn’t carry much.

Celebrities who love it: Olivia Palermo, Clemence Posey, Sienna Miller

2. Sophie Hulme Albion Tote

Expect to pay: Dh3,455

Introduced: Spring/Summer 2016

Who’s it for? Someone who knows quality

Celebrities who love it: Kate Hudson, Gigi Hadid, Samantha Cameron

3. Dior J’adior

Expect to pay: Dh10,285

Introduced: Spring/Summer 2017

Who’s it for? The social media savvy fashion girl.

Celebrities who love it: Jennifer Lawrence, Lily Collins, Celine Dion

4. Burberry DK88

Expect to pay: Dh8,205

Introduced: Spring/Summer 2017

Who’s it for? Women who love to keep their bags forever

Celebrities who love it: Naomi Campbell, Nicola Roberts Kate Hudson

5. Chanel Gabrielle

Expect to pay: Dh11,000

Introduced: Spring 2017

Who’s it for? The classic sophisticated woman

Celebrities who love it: Lily Allen, Lilly Collins, Kristen Stewart

6. Miu Miu Dahlia

Expect to pay: Dh10,800

Introduced: Autumn/winter 2016

Who’s it for? The young and stylish

Celebrities who love it: Rita Ora, Bella Hadid, Diane Kruger, Gigi, Emily Ratajowski, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner, Adriana Lima, Taylor Hill, the list goes on…

7. Gucci Sylvie

Expect to pay: Dh9,200

Introduced: Spring 2016

Who’s it for? The sophisticate who wants to add an edge to her style.

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