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Bilawal Bhutto and Shehzad Roy join hands to raise awareness pertaining to sexual abuse

Government of Sindh has now introduced ‘Life Skilled Based Education’ – which includes methods of protection from sexual abuse, in Sindh school curriculums.

During a press conference , Bilawal expressed that the Sindh Government is taking all out efforts to adopt life skills-based education in curriculum across the province.

He further said that the life skills-based education curriculum has been adopted at Fatima Jinnah Government School and it showed positive results, adding that the Sindh government hopes to implement a similar curriculum in 200 schools across the province.

Bilawal was joined by social activist and singer Shehzad Roy of Zindagi Trust, who hailed the efforts to raise awareness pertaining to child abuse among school-going children.

We hope these efforts turn out to be fruitful and our future generations flourish in a safe and healthy atmosphere.

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