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Cody Simpson had a huge crush on Miley Cyrus way before they got together

The universe works in mysterious methods, and for Cody Simpson and Miley Cyrus, it appears to be like the celebs have lastly aligned. In a resurfaced video interview from 2012, the 22-year-old star is seen gushing over the “Slide Away” singer.

“Miley Cyrus has all the time been my childhood superstar crush,” he instructed Fuse in regards to the 26-year-old star. “I do know all of the phrases to her songs, I am not gonna lie. I am not ashamed about it in any respect.”

He added, “I used to be an enormous Miley Cyrus fan and I feel she might be eternally probably the most date-able Disney star.”

Earlier this week, they have been spotted cuddling throughout a day outing at a Los Angeles grocery retailer. An eyewitness solely informed, they noticed them coming into the retailer “actual fast” to seize meals and drinks. Throughout their journey, they additionally shared a “fast kiss.”

It appears like Cody was forward of the sport, in placing issues into the universe lengthy earlier than it grew to become a stylish saying.

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