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5 famous companies named after Greek mythology

Ancient Greek mythology is still admired and its fundamentals are used in today’s world. Greek mythology had an extensive influence on the arts and literature of Western civilization, which is very much an inheritor of Greek culture. But did you know there are multiple companies named after Greek mythology and why? Apart from the vast history, their God and Goddesses had strong powers which in today’s world many companies are taking advantage of.

1- Amazon

Amazon, an online shopping platform is named after Greek mythology as fierce female warriors who participated in a War was called Amazon. This is also where the Amazon River got its title, whose name has been borrowed by the global online shopping platform.

2- Versace

Versace, a well known Italian luxury fashion brand is based on the Greek mythological god, Medusa. From the stories, whoever fell in love with Medusa, cannot run away from her. This story is also the message of Versace. When Versace chose this logo, they wanted to build a brand with a strong dominance on the global stage.

3- Starbucks

We all know about the famous coffee brand Starbucks. The logo used by Starbucks is a Twin Tailed Siren from Greek mythology which according to the tales of Greek mythology is the twin tail sirens who were dangerous but beautiful sea creatures. They use their beauty and melody to tempt seamen and sailors into death traps but Starbucks only took this name to represent how tempting it tastes.

4- Dove

The soap company named it after the Greek goddess of beauty and love. The logo shows a bird of the same name but the soap brand represents itself as the beauty.

5- Nike

The huge brand of sportswear is named after the Greek Goddes of Victory which makes sense as the sportswear should make the players feel that way.

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