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IT: chapter two trailer is here and here’s everything we decoded

The trailer for it:chapter two has arrived and no doubt it looks terrifying. The hype is already created around the movie and we can not wait to see what will come through.

So lets embrace our fear for the clowns and decode what it has got for us:

Losers are back again: The grown up members of The Losers Club have been summoned back to Derry, Maine, to once again face the shape-shifting evil that feeds off fear. Note there are only six of the seven.

They are back in home town: That’s evidence Penny-wise’s has risen again to feed. Also notice the yellow, blue, and red fire hydrant, old-school Tim Curry Penny-wise colours.

The door has nameplate of Marsh: The name on the apartment is clearly “Marsh.” You see it, right? Bev is sure she does, too. But when she finds an old woman named Mrs. Kersh living there, she assumes her eyes tricked her.

The trailer shows us a postcard: Grown-up Bev is invited inside by the kindly old woman, who invites her to look around wherever she likes.

The old woman is the actual devil: The elderly woman who lives in the home offers Bev tea, and the conversation gradually ratchets up the creep factor. This scene is taken directly from King’s 1986 novel.

The Joker’s daughter: Miss kersh is actually penny-wise’s daughter. Mrs. Kersh calls out that her father joined the circus. On the wall of the living room is this image, showing a carnival proprietor who looks a lot like Pennywise. The little girl beside him seems to have the face of a man.

Taking a look into bad fortune: There’s a gathering a Chinese restaurant that is also lifted straight from King’s novel. In the book, Penny-wise manifests in the form of disturbing messages in fortune cookies.

Its not Penny-wise: This isn’t the monster, but one of his look alike. A human being who has painted his face and pulled at his eyes to resemble the Penny-wise. It’s hard to tell from this brief shot, but my guess is it’s Teach Grant as grown-up Henry Bowers, the deranged bully who becomes an ally of the killer clown.

He is here to take the revenge and the trailers shows how intense and thrilling this sequel would be. The sequel is set to be released on September 5, 2019.

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