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Jawad Ahmed is all set to launch the new party anthem for his very own political party

The well known Pakistani pop-artist and as of late turned government official, Jawad Ahmed is all set to launch the new party song of devotion for his very own political party.

The pop vocalist announced his party in April a year ago. Named as “Barabri Party Pakistan”, the party expects to battle against all kind of victimizations the lower class and middle class. The director Jawad immovably trusts that his party is the main political party that will remain for the privileges of works in Pakistan. The party takes after the liberal strategies.

Amid the meeting on a private channel, when the grapple inquired as to whether he made any anthem for his party, he answered positively saying that he has composed and formed an anthem for his gathering. He additionally murmured the tune. The party song of praise simply mirrors the belief system of his party. The song of praise basically concentrates on balance for all. His song of praise isn’t authoritatively released yet. Be that as it may, make the most of his current melody on “citizens”.

Jawad condemned the out of line conveyance of assets. He likewise contradicted the squabbles about the assets which doesn’t have a place with any individual yet has a place with just God the Almighty.

He additionally said that this tune has been formed by him, yet in future, numerous other youthful artists will likewise make and sing his party songs of devotion.

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